Saint-Petersburg sights

Boat trip

There are more than 70 rivers and canals in the city with around 400 bridges across them. All the bridges over the Neva are raised to allow large vessels pass through at night between April and October, when the river is navigable.

Recommended period: May - September

Nickolaevsky Palace

The palace main staircase adorned with grey granite columns and white marble vases preserves the magnificent appearance of old times. Now the palace is used as a place for the city concerts. Every evening folk shows "Feel yourself Russian!" are held here. 

Address: 4, Truda Sq.

The Buddhist Temple

The most northern Buddhist temple of Europe was founded at the beginning of the 20th century.

Address; 91, Primorsky pr.

The Mosque

Among new inhabitants of the city in the time of Peter the Great, there were the Muslim Tatars. In 1914, the mosque was built to the design of the architects N. Vasil’ev and A. Gogen. The tops of the minarets are decorated with turquoise tiling.

Address; 7, Kronversky pr.

The Synagogue

The St. Petersburg synagogue is the second largest jewish temple in the world. The building of the synagogue was constructed in Eastern moorish style on the orders of Emperor Alexander III in 1893. 

Address: 2, Lermontovsky pr.

The Aleksandrinsky Theatre

The theatre, built in Classical Style to the design by the architect Carlo Rossi in 1832, can seat 1500 spectators. The auditorium looks magnificent. The boxes and the stage are richly ornamented with velvet and gilded wood carvings. In summer ballet performances are organised in the theatre. 

Address: Ostrovskogo Square, 2

The Hermitage Theatre

The Hermitage Theatre is a part of the Hermitage Complex. The theatre has its own orchestra. On the stage of the theatre classical ballet and operas are performed. 

Address: 34, Dvortsovaya embankment

The Mariinsky Theatre (the former Kirov Theatre)

The Mariinsky Theatre (the former Kirov Theatre) It is one of the largest and oldest theatres in Russia. The theatre is famous all over the world. Its auditorium, in which the atmosphere of the tsars' period is still alive,can seat 1760 spectators.

Address: 1, Teatralnaya Square

The Mikhailovsky Theatre

The theatre is named in honour of the Grand Duke Mikhail. The building that houses the theatre was formerly called the Mussorgsky Theatre, in honour of the famous Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. 

Address: 1, Iskustv Square


Gatchina is a country residence located to the south of St. Petersburg. Restoration works were held for more than 60 years and nowadays some of the state rooms and the Arsenal Halls with the collection of European and Russian paintings and weapons are open to the public.

The Gatchina Palace is open from 10.00a. m. till 5p. m.
(closed on Monday and the 1St. Tuesday of every month)


The Pavlovsk palace and park complex is an outstanding monument of Classicism of the second half of the 18th century. It is located about 27 km. from Saint-Peresburg. 

The Pavlovsk Palace is open from 10.00a. m. till 5p. m.
(closed on Friday and the 1St. Monday of every month)


The Grand Palace Museum and Special Storeroom are open from 10.30a.m. till 5p.m.
(closed on Monday and last Tuesday of every month)
The Cottage Museum is open from 10.30a.m. till 5p.m.
(closed on Monday)
Monplaisir Museum is open from 10.30a.m. till 5p.m.
(closed on Wednesday)
Catherine's Block is open from 10.30a.m. till 5p.m.
(closed on Thursday)

Pushkin/ Tsarskoe Selo

Tsarskoe Selo is a suburb of Saint-Petersburg, located about 25 km. to the south of St. Petersburg, and famous for its palaces and parks. 

Catherine's Palace is open from 10.00a.m. till 5p.m.
(closed on Tuesday and last Monday of every month)
Alexander's Palace is open from 10.00a.m. till 4.30 p.m.
(closed on Tuesday)


Address: Fontanka river embankment, 14
Metro Station: Nevsky Prospekt
Tel:+7 812 272-91-81
Opening hours: from 12 a.m. till the last guest
Cuisine: Russian


Address: Moika river embankment, 82
Metro Station: Sennaya Ploschad
Tel:+7 812 315-16-75
Opening hours: 11:00 – 01:00
Cuisine: Vegetarian cuisine


Address: Fontanka river embankment, 67
Metro Station: Sadovaya/Sennaya Ploschad
Tel:+7 812 775-10-62
Opening hours: 12:00 – 00:00
Cuisine: Chinese


Address: Nevsky pr., 47
Metro Station: Mayakovskaya
Tel: +7 812 7035371
Opening hours: from 6 p.m till the last guest
Cuisine: Russian, European


Address: Pavlovsk, Filtrovskoe shosse, 16
Tel: +7 812 466-85-44
Opening hours: 12:00 – 23:00
Cuisine: Russian

Russian Empire

Address: Nevsky pr, 17
Metro Station: Nevsky Prospekt
Tel: +7 812 571 24 09
Opening hours: from 7 p.m. till the last guest
Cuisine: Russian


Address: Voznesenskiy pr., 2
Metro Station: Vasileostrovskaya
Tel: + 7812 312 -38-86
Opening hours: from 12 a.m. till the last guest
Cuisine: Indian


Address: Zagorodny pr., 27
Metro Station: Dostoevskaya, Tehnologicheskiy Institut, Vladimirskaya
Tel:+7 812 713 -55-19
Opening hours: from 12 a.m. till the lateSt. guest
Cuisine: European, Russian

Chaplin Art -Club

The international Chaplin club is open on April 16, 1997, at birthday of sir Charles Spencer Chaplin. You are met by an unusual interior, relaxed atmosphere and, of course, magnificent kitchen.

Address: Chaikovskogo, 59
Metro Station: Chernyshevskaya
Tel: +7 812 272 66 49

Jazz Philharmonic Hall

Concerts of the best Russian and foreign musicans from Wednesday to Sunday. Special jazz-balls. All kinds of beverages, light snacks and desert served during the concerts. 

Address: Zagorodny pr., 27
Tel:+7 812 764 85 65
Metro Station: Vladimirskaya

JFC Jazz Club

JFC jazz club - the only place in St. Petersburg where original music performed by professional musicians sounds every evening. JFC is the most popular jazz place in the city. 

Address: Shpalernaya str., 33
Metro Station: Chernyshevskaya
Tel: +7 812 272 98 50

Jimi Hendrix Blues Club

"Jimi Hendix" is the elite club devoted to the most elite music of all times and the people. On a scene here every day leave well-known and not so blues musicians, and to find here a free little table in the evenings - very much and very uneasy.

Address: Liteyny pr., 33
Metro Station: Chernyshevskaya
Tel: +7 812 279 88 13
Web: www.


The daily show program, view of the downtown from an exclusive panorama, new acquaintances and communication in the Revolution club!

Address: Sadovaya str., 28
Metro Station: Gostiny Dvor
Tel:+7 812 571 23 91, +7 812 571 59 15

Rossi’s club

The club is in the building of the XVIII century of construction of Carlo Rossi. Generally it is an emphasis on the most popular russian and foreign music where sometimes include old hits and the disco.

Address: Rossi street,1/3
Metro Station: Gostiny Dvor
Tel: +7 812 710 40 16

Sunduk (Chest)

"Sunduk" - one of the first art cafes of St. Petersburg. The author's interior, the unique cultural program, the sound and live music, well cooked food - here the business card of "Sunduk" art cafe.

Address: Furshtadskaya street, 42
Metro Station: Chernyshevskaya
Tel:+7 812 272 31 00

Petrokrepost’ (Shlisselburg)

The fortress, located on a small island on the Neva and famous under the names of Oreshek, Noteburg, Shlisselburg and Petrokrepost’, has a century-old history. Today on the territory of the fortress, the historical museum is situated.