Saint-Petersburg sights

Audio guided city tour with VR glasses

3 hrs 30 min
09:30 - 13:00
Adult - 20 €
Child (under 14) - 17 €

Virtual Reality tour of Saint-Petersburg’s history is an unique opportunity to see with your own eyes how the city has changed over time. Innovative technology will let you how the city has changed over time. Head out on a bus, travel in time and visit both completed and unfinished projects of Russian architects in our unique audio guided tour of Saint-Petersburg.

Audio guided tour of the Fabergé museum

2 hrs
14:15 - 16:15
Adult - 24 €
Child (under 14) - 18 €

The Fabergé Museum houses the world's finest collection of the famous Easter Eggs and other valuable jewelry pieces of historic importance. Explore this little gem of a museum freely in a most convenient way with an audio guide available in six languages. Located in an elegant, recently restored Shuvalov palace, the Fabergé Museum is a new and original attraction for guests and locals alike.

Audio guided tour of the Fabergé museum & boat trip of St-Petersburg's rivers and canals.

3 hrs 15 min
14:15 - 17:30
Adult - 35 €
Child (under 14) - 29 €

A combination of two excursions in a single audio-guided tour: a sightseeing cruise along St-Petersburg's main waterways and a visit to the Fabergé Museum. Gaze upon some of the world's finest luxury craftsmanship at the Fabergé museum in the recently renovated Shuvalov Palace. And obviously a boat trip is a must in a city nicknamed "Venice of the North".

Audio guided tour of the Hermitage

3 hrs
14:30 - 17:30
Adult - 27 €
Child (under 14) - 20 €

The Hermitage always tops “must see in St-Petersburg” lists. Makes sense, considering that it is one of the largest museums in the world, second only to the Louvre. It will be impossible to see all of the Hermitage’s treasures, because even if you spent just 1 minute looking at a single item, it will take you about 11 years to complete your tour. But seeing the essentials during your stay in St-Petersburg should be a priority, and we will gladly help you in carrying out that task!

Sightseeing audio guided tour of Saint-Petersburg with VR glasses and visit to the Fabergé museum

6 hrs 45 min
09:30 - 16:15
Adult - 44 €
Child (under 14) - 35 €

A unique combination consist of two excursions. First one is an audio guided sightseeing tour that lets you see both existing landmarks of St-Petersburg and, with the use of VR glasses, some of the building that were planned but never finished. Sightseeing tour is then followed by a visit to the young and sparkling Fabergé museum that holds the largest collection of Fabergé Easter eggs in the world.

Sightseeing audio guided tour of Saint-Petersburg with VR glasses and visit to the Hermitage.

8 hrs
09:30 - 17:30
Adult - 47 €
Child (under 14) - 37 €
Explore St Petersburg most interesting attractions on an audio-guided sightseeing tour, gaze at the landmarks that never came to life with the help of VR glasses and travel in time to see how the city has changed over time. Afterwards head to the Winter Palace and enjoy seeing masterpieces by da Vinci, Raphael and other famed artists at the world-famous State Hermitage museum, undoubtedly St-Petersburg's most famous visitor attraction.

Sightseeing audio guided tour of Saint-Petersburg with VR glasses, visit to the Fabergé museum and boat trip

8 hrs
09:30 - 17:30
Adult - 55 €
Child (under 14) - 46 €

Your very full and exciting day starts with an audio guided sightseeing tour of St-Petersburg, where you get acquainted with city's main historical landmarks. By using VR glasses you'll also be able to see buildings and monuments that were planned but never built. It is followed by the visit to the brand new Fabergé museum that holds the worlds largest collection of Fabergé Easter eggs, and afterwards you can relax and see the city from a different perspective on a river cruise along St-Petersburg's main waterways.

Audio guided tour of Catherine's palace in Tsarskoye Selo

6 hrs
14:30 - 20:30
Adult - 65 €
Child (under 14) - 30 €

Uncover the history of Saint-Petersburg’s famous imperial residence on our audio guided tour to Tsarskoye Selo. A fine example of Russian baroque architecture, the magnificent Catherine Palace is one of those places where the brilliant XVIII century Russia is still alive. The palace also houses the one and only Amber Room, one of the most beautiful and elaborate rooms in history.

Audio guided tour of Peterhof's Lower Park

7 hrs
09:00 - 16:00
Adult - 44 €
Child (under 14) - 37 €

The Peterhof Museum Complex is one of the most popular museums not only in Russia, but in the whole world. It is hard to believe that 300 years ago the place was nothing more than a medium-sized cabbage farm. An audio guided trip to  "Russian Versailles" will uncover the history of the majestic transformation. A masterpiece of Russian XVIII century design, the Lower Park is unrivalled in the splendour of its sculptural, architectural, and water decoration.

Audio guided tour of the Grand Peterhof Palace & Lower PArk

8 hrs
09:00 - 17:00
Adult - 69 €
Child (under 14) - 55 €

Whatever your plans are for Saint-Petersburg, when visiting in summer you must see the famous Peterhof, one of the most beautiful residences of Russian emperors. Catch our audio tour there and enjoy hearing entertaining stories in your headphones on the way to the Grand Imperial Palace and lush Lower Park.

Sightseeing audio guided tour of Saint-Petersburg with VR glasses and trip to Tsarskoye Selo

11 hrs
09:30 - 20:30
Adult - 85 €
Child (under 14) - 47 €

Millions of people head to Tsarskoe Selo every year to see the famous Catherine Palace and its impressive collection of paintings, rich interiors and decorations. No visit to Saint-Petersburg is complete without a trip to Tsarskoye Selo. And our newest excursio - an audio-guided sightseeing tour of Saint-Petersburg that also utilizes VR glasses to let guests see some of the city's planned landmarks that never came to life - will be a perfect prelude to suburban trip.