Incentive tours in Russia

Incentive travel becomes more and more popular in recent years. The success of a business depends greatly on the staff work therefore companies are looking for the effective ways to create positive relations and work environment, motivate staff, support and improve their activity and to reward the best employees. 

Holding business meetings, conferences, seminars, product and service presentations in different locations in the world combined with sightseeing and recreation gives a  unique chance to solve important business goals in a relaxed, entertaining and exiting  atmosphere, to make the event unforgettable and raise company’s image.

Russia with its boundless expanses, rich history, active scientific, business  and cultural life and ever developing host facilities now is one of the most attractive destinations for incentive tourism.

Moscow and St.Petersburg as well as other Russian cities, having a wide range of exhibition spaces, city and hotel conference  halls, comfortable hotels, cosy restaurants with excellent cuisine is a good choice for a successful corporate event.

Having a vast experience in this field we create customized tour packages individually designed to suit the clients’ requirements, expectations and budgets.

A growing number of hotels newly built or renovated recently in Russia allows us to offer our clients the most appropriate accommodation: in luxurious world famous  hotel chains or in small but cosy minihotels located in the city centre or close to the event site. Safe and modern transport operated by experienced drivers, polite and attentive assistants, knowledgeable interpreters and guides working with us for many years guarantee high quality of the service, good coordination and smooth run of the tour. 

The programs of the tour can be based on the events or activities connected with the professional interests of the participants. In addition to conferences, meetings and seminars we can arrange visits to various enterprises, factories, plants, to medical, project and educational centres and institutes.

The right combination of work and rest makes incentive trips the most valuable. Therefore we enrich our programs with city sightseeing tours, excursions to museums, visits to art galleries and theatres, with gala dinners, receptions, theme parties, active games and a lot of other entertaining activities.

Here are some ideas that can be used to  make the incentive tour very special, exciting and unforgettable for your clients.

We can organize classical receptions in the style of 19th century, balls and  masquerades  in one of the numerous Imperial palaces in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, or ceremonial dinners in the magnificent interiors accompanied by old-style music played by strings or harpsichord. Private concerts of classical music in the state rooms of the former Imperial summer-residences in the city suburbs or private ballet performances in the home theatres in the former palaces of Russian nobility can be also provided, as well as a the concerts with the special programs in which the famous musicians, opera singers and ballet dancers  or Russian folklore and Gipsy musical groups will perform. 

Saint-Petersburg and Moscow can give much more opportunities than the most demanding traveler could imagine. Participants can bring from the tour their own exclusive piece of art. The talentedexperts could reserve their vivid memories by making professional photographs, portraits and even sculptures! Painting master classes can be arranged in world famous art studios where distinguished teachers will help to awake hidden abilities and to express feelings and emotions through creative work.

If tired of big cities clients can gain one more out-of-order experience visiting ecological settlement situated in the most beautiful natural landscapes, 6 hours  drive from Saint-Petersburg. There one can see  way of living, which our ancestors led several centuries ago. A sort of commune consisting of large families keeps houses,  cultivates vegetables and raises live-stock to provide itself with everything it needs.

Visiting of Vladimir, Suzdal or Velikiy Novgorod, the Old Russian towns, can be turned into the cheerful feast. The participants will stay in traditional Russian wooden izbas (log cabins) with the original interiors in old Russian style, try traditional Russian food made in the izba’s oven and  tea made in samovar and take a steam bathin Russian banya (bathhouse). Riding in sledge-and-free in winter and swimming in the mirror-like lakes in summer, folk dances and songs to balalaika music will please any demanding taste.

For those who want to take a closer look at rural life of Russian people we can offer a visit to a farmstead, where the clientswill be able to see the process of milking a cow at the diary-farm, making honey at the apiary or admire pedigree horses at the stable-farm.

To take a closer look at traditional Russian crafts one can visit different workshops – pottery, smithy, joiner’s workshop, iconpainting workshop - and even participate in some of the processes - matryoshka (wooden dolls) painting, forging or clay molding .

Visits to the local families and acquaintance with life and habits of the typical Russian family can be also provided. Our programs can be based on different kinds of vehicles. Flights by supersonic crafts are for those who love a thrilling experience. For the programs we can provide Russian supersonic planes MIG-23,(-25,- 29), SU 30 with professional pilots which are operated at the aerodrome in town of Zhukovsky near Moscow, a place familiar to everybody who is interested in airplanes as here MAKS (International Air and Space Saloon) takes place every 2 years.

Different types of motor-ships and boats can be rented for river excursions along the historical centre of the cities and riverside recreation areas with good conditions for picnics.

Trips by helicopter or retro-train that give an opportunity to admire the magnificent panorama of the cities and discover the sights inaccessible when travelling by coach can be also arranged.

For lovers of the active life and adventures we can offer exciting road trips by jeeps in the area of virgin nature, so-called Russian safari, kayak trips in Karelia, or military tours during which the participants will be able to visit former soviet military sites, drive the Soviet tanks by themselves or as members of a crew and see military vehicles and aircrafts that participated in different wars. We can also organize team events, such as paintball, a play very popular in Russia now.

For lovers of fishing and hunting we can provide different kinds of tours in the environs of the cities, including such activities as cooking of the fish soup on the bonfire or competition for catching the largest fish or having a largest catch, or tours in the faraway places of Far East and Siberia, where participants can feel like being the real hunters in the surroundings of the unexplored wild nature.

Travelling to the eastern part or Russia is thrilling itself - endless expanse of taiga, rocky shores of Baikal Lake, mysterious Altai, volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka, canyons and the waterfalls of Russian North amaze by its beauty and make feel that our world is a unique and perfect creation of the Universe!