The Russian coast of the Black sea

The Black Sea Coast of Krasnodarsky Region is located on the same geographic latitude with the Adriatic Sea, the Italian and French Riviera, and bears a strong resemblance to them. The chain of mountain ridges of the Large Caucasus embraces the seaside in the form of an amphitheatre, protecting it against penetration of cold winds and precipitations from the north-east. Owing to this fact a holiday season lasts here from the beginning of May till the end of October. During the warm period, there are 12 overcast days at the most. Even rains do not cause a nuisance – after 1-2 hours of the warm downpour with the storm, the bright sun shines out.

The proximity to the Caucasus determines the character of beaches in the region: from Adler to Tuapse gravel-pebble beaches stretch, between Gelendzhik and Anapa narrow pebble beaches predominate, and in the area of Anapa there are yellow sandy and white shell beaches.