Journey to Cape Dezhnev

The journey begins in Anadyr, and you have to get there on your own. We are ready to assist with the purchase of tickets. If necessary, leave a comment in your application.

Note that to be in Anadyr by the start of the program, you have to depart from Moscow the day before. The flight operated by Utair airline departs from Moscow, Vnukovo airport, at around 7 pm on Sunday. Contact our manager for details.

Weather in Chukotka is extremely volatile. Aircraft are the only mode of inter-district transport here. Flight delays due to weather are nothing uncommon. You have every chance to 'get stuck' in Anadyr or Lavrentiya. To reduce risks, it's recommendable to buy tickets to Moscow after you come back from Lavrentiya. The organizers can help you book the tickets for the closest departure of the Moscow flight.

Day 1 Anadyr tour

You will arrive in Anadyr at around 12:30 pm. Your English-speaking activity instructor will meet you at the airport, and you will have a transfer across Anadyr Bay to the city of Anadyr (approximately 1,5 hour). You will accommodate in a private apartment and have Russian dumplings for lunch.

After that, you will go for a walking tour of Anadyr. This northern town on the shore of the sea is the capital of Chukotka Autonomous District and the largest settlement in this area. You will  see the city and visit a wooden Holy Trinity Cathedral.

In the evening you will have dinner with red caviar and other local delicacies.

Day 2 Museum Center and workshops in Anadyr

After having breakfast, you will visit Museum of Chukotka Heritage in Anadyr.

After lunch with home-made cooking, you will visit a bone carving or tailoring workshop. In the evening there will be a performance of a folklore group on your choice — throat singing or dancing. Then, you will have a home-made dinner.

Day 3 Flight to Lavrentiya

After early breakfast you will be transferred to Anadyr airport (1,5 hour). From here you will depart by a local flight to the village of Lavrentiya. After lunch you will have a walking tour and will visit the local museum. 

Your next destination is the village of Loriono, where you will go by off-road vehicles. 90% of population in this settlement is indigenous people. Here you will stay in a private apartment and will have a home-made dinner.

Day 4 A boat tour to the sea

This day a boat tour to the sea is waiting for you. You will observe gray whales and learn the local traditions of fishing including whale hunting.

After lunch with seafood, you will have a walking tour of the village and will visit the base of marine hunters.

Day 5 Lorino hot springs

Today you will visit an underground glacier. Then, you will have a carving workshop. During tour to Lorino Hot Springs you will swim in the hot springs and will have a picnic.

You will have dinner after returning to Lorino.

Day 6 Meeting with reindeer herders

You can either spend a day in Lorino, or visit reindeer herders' camp. It is an optional service not included in the price of the tour.

By cross-country vehicles you will go to the reindeer herding brigade. You will photograph tundra along the route and will have lunch on the road. After meeting with reindeer herders, you will exchange gifts and will have dinner with traditional food. There will be a workshop of cooking venison dishes and throwing a lasso for catching reindeer. Reindeer herders will tell you their stories about life in tundra.

Day 7 Back to Lorino

After breakfast with reindeer herders you will go back to Lorino. On the route you will have a picnic.

Day 8 Cape Dezhnev

Today there is a sea voyage to Cape Dezhnev in the program. It is the most eastern point of the Eurosian continent. You will visit village of Naukan and see the monument to Semen Dezhnev, an abandoned weather station and a lighthouse. If weather is good, you will see Ratmanov Island that is a border line for America.

Next location is Uelen settlement where you will visit bone carving workshop. After dinner you will return to Lorino.

Day 9 Marine hunters' base

You will travel to Akkani, the base of marine hunters. Here is the rookery of seals — akiba and largha. You will get acquainted with the traditional marine hunting of indigenous people of Chukotka. Also, you will participate in a whaling competition with harpoon throwing, canoeing and hunting for walrus.

After coming back to Loriono you will have dinner and will visit a bath house.

Day 10 Fishing on Anadyr Bay

After early breakfast you will be transferred to the village of Lavrentiya. From here you will have a flight to Anadyr.

In Anadyr you will go fishing for salmon on Anadyr Bay. After picnic on the beach, you can buy caviar and other souvenirs.

In the evening there will be a farewell dinner at the restaurant 'Otke House'.

Day 11 An extra day

An extra day in case of bad weather.

Day 12 Departure to Moscow

After crossing Anadyr Bay by ferry you will have an excursion to the abandoned military base of Gudym with a picnic in the military style.

You will be transferred to the airport. Flight to Moscow is at 3 pm. You will arrive to Moscow on the same day at around 3-4 pm.

Package price from 3300 euro per person