Kazan is the third capital of Russia, which has celebrated 1000th anniversary; it is quite archaic and modern at the same time.

Perhaps it is the most incredible city in the country, since here like in a large pot (or rather a cauldron called “kazan” in Russian) not only the cultures of the East and West have been melted together, but also the religion, mentality, history. For example, there is an ancient Kremlin at one bank of the Kazan River built almost 12 centuries ago. And at the opposite bank there are futuristic skyscrapers of the XXI century. Here orthodox churches are located next to mosques, and the girls of both confessions wearing kerchiefs are walking down along the streets for divine services, and in the evening the same girls will be chattering to each other at some coffee of a European style. In the street you can meet a cat, a carriage and then all of a sudden a Kazan cock duck in view of a monument of course. The metro stations are announced in three languages including English. A lot of examples can be listed, but is it needed? Welcome to Kazan.